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We only hire qualified teachers or tutors with qualifications in their subject area. Our tutors are experienced in the America, Australian and British curriculums and can help prepare students for exams, assist with homework and assessments and build subject knowledge.

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Hannah G
Director and School Teacher

Subjects: English (Language and Literature), Mathematics and Business Studies.

Susan K
Qualified Teacher

Subjects: Math, Economics, Business, Computer Science, English, SAT, Personal Statements.

Aletta B
Experienced Tutor

Subjects: English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and German.

Ellie Y
Experienced Tutor

Subjects: History, Politics and English (Language and Literature).

Kirsty B
School Teacher

Subjects: Primary years mathematics, English and history.

Melinda L
School Teacher

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Science Essay Review.

Niki M.S.
School Teacher

Subjects: English (Language and Literature) and French Conversation.

Christina L
Experienced Tutor

Subjects: English (Language and Literature), History, Geography, Social Studies and Art.

Lucy H
Qualified English Teacher

Subjects: English as a Second Language, Primary School English and Mathematics.