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Melinda L

Subjects: Biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.


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A word from Melinda:

I have a serious passion for science and a hunger to share this passion with others. My job as your tutor will be to break down scientific concepts as simply as possible, but in a manner that will let you apply your thinking to as many contexts as possible. To supplement this, I have been a teacher of secondary science (from KS3 to KS4). As such, I am in tune with the demands of the national curriculum and GCSE specifications for exam boards such as AQA and edexcel. Thus I have a good understanding of the target language and scientific understanding that will help you to succeed, not only at GCSE level, but beyond this.

I also tutor mathematics from primary school to GCSE and have a strong understanding of how to help students improve their subject knowledge and achieve exam success.

The sessions will take place at a pace suited to your learning requirements, but I am always ready to push and challenge my students to increase chances of success.