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How to Start Classes at Tutoring Barcelona

Consultation Meeting

When you contact TB, the first point of communication is with our director, Hannah Grech. Hannah is an experienced and qualified teacher and will discuss your child's learning needs, goals and place them in the appropriate class. Hannah is available to families to discuss learning needs and progress.

Come Try a Class!

Once your child has been placed in their classes, you're ready to visit our center and meet your new teacher! Pay for the first class only and once you decide if we're a good fit for your family, you can go ahead and sign up to reserve your space. Our center is bright and happy and we are excited to welcome you to our community!

What's Next?

Every 8 weeks, we'll send home a report that details topics covered, progression and any other important facts. Teachers are also available by appointment to speak about your child's progress. We're here to provide a positive and effective educational experience and we're serious about making that happen.

Our Programs

Primary/ Elementary

We provide lessons in math, English, coding and debating for students in these grade levels.

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Middle/ High School

Tutoring Barcelona provides classes in math, English, science, economics, business studies and exam prep.

Middle/ High School

Coding Classes

Coding equips kids with important skills that they can use in the future. It also teaches problem solving and math skills.

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Full time A Levels

We offer a full time A Level program for students 16-18 years wanting to gain their qualification in their final two years of the British Curriculum.

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