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Brett C

Age of child: 15
Subjects: Mathematics

Hannah is a truly gifted and intelligent teacher who has a genuine talent for teaching from the heart. She has been able to really connect with, and inspire my son. Just one of her many achievements has been to completely reverse his negative self-view concerning his mathematics. He now tells me that he enjoys maths and is good at it, something his results confirm.
When I think back to my own school days there was one, maybe two teachers that really inspired me and I will always remember. Hannah is one of those kinds of teachers.

Susie C

Age of child: 15
Subjects: Mathematics and science

This testimonial about Hannah comes with great pleasure and relief. My Australian son, Tim, lives in Spain for football commitments. All his schooling studies for the past 18 months have been done online. For a 15 year old young man, it has been a struggle for him. THEN we found Hannah! Wow – what a delightful lady with so much passion and direction for her students. Tim’s words exactly: ‘yeah she has helped me a lot with my schooling and has a fun way to teach things!’ As a parent from the other side of the world, I couldn’t be more thankful. Hannah, you’re the best!