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What We Do

Welcome to The Learn Academy!

Working with young people and seeing them engaged, confident and successful, is the driving force behind why I’m an educator and the vision for The Learn Academy.

I began my education journey in a classroom in Sydney Australia 10 years ago. I quickly realized that being a teacher was my passion and I’ve strived ever since to empower my students with the knowledge and confidence they need to excel. Having worked in traditional school settings, as well as alongside families as a homeschool educator, private tutor, and most recently as the Director of Tutoring Barcelona’s Learning Center, I’ve seen education from many different perspectives. I’ve had the opportunity to design an approach to education that combines traditional curriculum learning with my own vision for 21st century learning. It’s powerful. It’s engaging. It works.

The Learn Academy is a centre for students 15 years and over in the heart of Barcelona. We cater to students who want to be provided with a high quality educational experience, students who are looking for a new approach to learning, and athletes and musicians who cannot commit to a regular school timetable.

I am excited to welcome you into our community and to see our rooms filled with engaged and confident learners.

Hannah Grech

What is the Learn Academy?

The Learn Academy is a centre for students in their sixteenth year. We have small class sizes of 10 students or less and our centre is focused on four key areas:

– Developing 21st century learning skills
– Preparing students for their A Level exams (if they choose this route)
– Focusing on the individual students and their interests
– Real world learning

We believe that students and teachers should work together as a team to create a powerful learning experience that equips students with the skills they need to succeed in our dynamic world.

Our curriculum is comprised of aspects from a variety of learning programs and syllabuses. We believe it is very important that students have the opportunity to take their A Level qualification if they would like to pursue further study, but we also embrace the notion that preparing for standardised testing is not the only way for our young people to learn. To find out more about our curriculum, please contact us.

We provide a high standard of education, delivered by passionate and talented professionals for students who want to be engaged and active in their learning journeys.

You can read more about our A Level programme here: